Monday, July 30, 2012

10 Tips for Looking Like a Beauty at the Gym

Not everyone can go to the gym for a full workout without looking like a total slob, though I know we all wish we could. Here are a few ways to beat the sweat and look like a beauty while you're working out.

1. Wash your face - It's really important that you wash your face before and after you go to the gym to prevent your pores from clogging up which will cause acne.

2. Don't wear foundation - Sweat and heavy layers of makeup won't do anything good for you. Not only will it just melt off of your face and make you look ridiculous in the moment, but it can also clog your pores and cause breakouts that could last a lot longer.

3. Do wear mascara - No one wants to look dead, even if they're working out. Just put on some mascara and don't worry about anything else, so you can look awake.

4. Put your hair in a ponytail - Don't bother spending an hour to fix your hair if you're going to the gym for a real work out. Just pull it up into a cute ponytail to keep it out of your face and off your back. I promise you'll look more ridiculous with your hair flowing in the fan on the treadmill.

5. Find a good sports bra - Depending on what workouts you're doing a sports bra is really necessary for support and to keep everything from bouncing all over the place. Find a good, supportive sports bra. I like bright colored ones that look pretty even when you're not wearing a shirt over them.

6. Wear the right gym clothes - The easiest way to stay comfortable is to wear a loose tee shirt. If you wear a shirt that's right under your armpits then you're more likely to get sweat stains there which no one wants when they're trying not to care what they look like. I wear muscle shirts that I cut up myself to the gym because they look good and they're perfect for the occasion.

7. Use the right antiperspirant - Find a deodorant that works well for your body and keeps you from sweating a lot. It'll make you feel a lot better.

8. Stick to simple to no jewelry - If you're going to wear any kind of jewelry to the gym stick to something that you absolutely never take off like that necklace your mom gave you when you were little or your engagement ring or maybe some stud earrings. Don't wear giant hoops. It's unnecessary.

9. Drink water - Drinking water is just good for your beauty in general. Your hair, your skin, your nails! But it's also important to stay hydrated when you're doing anything physical.

10. Don't care about anyone else there - You're there to take care of yourself so screw everyone else! It's not important what they think. Just worry about yourself.

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